fearsToday I woke up late because it is a Sunday. I prefer relaxing and planning my week on this day because from the reckoning Monday to the hopeful Friday, I am usually all over the place trying to make ends meet. As usual, a man is all about effort, will and hard work.

After taking my mug of coffee, I made my way to church to worship Jesus.The vicar wasn’t all smiles as usual. He openly corrected petty mistakes and called on all of us to heed to God’s command.

His topic was about “Dwelling in the past.” He started by asking the congregation, “How long will you keep holding tightly onto those negative thoughts?How long will you continue blaming circumstances for your failure?”

The book of Samuel 16:1-13 SAYS;

1Sa 16:1 The LORD said to Samuel, “How long will you go on grieving over Saul? I have rejected him as king of Israel. But now get some olive oil and go to Bethlehem, to a man named Jesse, because I have chosen one of his sons to be king.”
1Sa 16:2 “How can I do that?” Samuel asked. “If Saul hears about it, he will kill me!” The LORD answered, “Take a calf with you and say that you are there to offer a sacrifice to the LORD.
1Sa 16:3 Invite Jesse to the sacrifice, and I will tell you what to do. You will anoint as king the man I tell you to.”
1Sa 16:4 Samuel did what the LORD told him to do and went to Bethlehem, where the city leaders came trembling to meet him and asked, “Is this a peaceful visit, seer?”
1Sa 16:5 “Yes,” he answered. “I have come to offer a sacrifice to the LORD. Purify yourselves and come with me.” He also told Jesse and his sons to purify themselves, and he invited them to the sacrifice.
1Sa 16:6 When they arrived, Samuel saw Jesse’s son Eliab and said to himself, “This man standing here in the LORD’s presence is surely the one he has chosen.”
1Sa 16:7 But the LORD said to him, “Pay no attention to how tall and handsome he is. I have rejected him, because I do not judge as people judge. They look at the outward appearance, but I look at the heart.”
1Sa 16:8 Then Jesse called his son Abinadab and brought him to Samuel. But Samuel said, “No, the LORD hasn’t chosen him either.”
1Sa 16:9 Jesse then brought Shammah. “No, the LORD hasn’t chosen him either,” Samuel said.
1Sa 16:10 In this way Jesse brought seven of his sons to Samuel. And Samuel said to him, “No, the LORD hasn’t chosen any of these.”
1Sa 16:11 Then he asked him, “Do you have any more sons?” Jesse answered, “There is still the youngest, but he is out taking care of the sheep.” “Tell him to come here,” Samuel said. “We won’t offer the sacrifice until he comes.”
1Sa 16:12 So Jesse sent for him. He was a handsome, healthy young man, and his eyes sparkled. The LORD said to Samuel, “This is the one—anoint him!”
1Sa 16:13 Samuel took the olive oil and anointed David in front of his brothers. Immediately the spirit of the LORD took control of David and was with him from that day on. Then Samuel returned to Ramah.

There are numerous lessons we can draw from this scriptures;



1. We should learn to move on and stop dwelling on our past like Samuel. Prophet Samuel was grieved by king Saul’s loss of favor before the eyes of God. This prevented him from serving God fully. Past incidences can overshadow our lives and prevent us from listening to the voice of God concerning our lives.

2.We should seek for God’s direction when things seem to get elephant. Instead of Samuel seeking God in prayer, he decided to remain grieved for Saul. It is wise to seek God during time of adversity instead of staying stressed in fear.

3.Adversity and challenges are certain but fear is a choice. We should shun fear and instead focus on respecting the rules of God as He directs us.

4. Fear keeps us from seizing opportunities of a life time. Fear can make us commit murder physically or spiritually by killing other people’s dreams in fear that they might defeat us.

5. Fear not because God repeats the words, “Do not fear” 365 times in the Bible. In the same spirit, we should be encouraged each day of the 365 days of the year with God’s command, “Do not fear.”

6.Fear not. Challenges have to be there.

7.Stand still and see the promises of God.

8.Every experience should propel you to a higher level.

9.We must endure pain in faith because pain is temporary.


1. Learn to forgive.

2.Practice positive self talk.

3.Learn from your mistakes.


5.Have fun.

6.Sleep early and wake up early.

7. Breath in deeply to keep your calm.

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