The world is filled with boys in trousers purporting to be men. Gone are the days of our grandparents and fore-fathers when men were real men. This deadly trend can be traced back to nurturing and upbringing. The boy child has been completely neglected as a result of great effort directed towards empowering the girl child. The result has been the flooding of half-baked men who are not ready to defy the odds to make the world a better place.

However, all hope is not gone. You can always go back to the correct route no matter how far you have gone on the wrong one. Here are the simple qualities of a real man- which majority of men have overlooked;

1. Be a provider

A real man puts family first, always. He’s a selfless man, who lives to please those he cares most about. He’s the kind of man who can work two jobs in his sleep, always has a side hustle in mind to earn more money, and guards his savings with his life. He can’t rest until he knows the ones he loves are okay. He strives for perfection at home and in the office. Work-life balance is very important to him, but if missing time with his beloved ones means a better life for them, he’s always game to put in overtime and take one for the team. Words like “No”, “Can’t”, and “impossible”, are just not in his vocabulary, and when he hears others use them, it only increases his devotion to the task at hand.

2.The rock

His strength keeps his family strengthened at their weakest moments. He isn’t immune to pain or frustration, but he does handle it well, and he knows how to pull himself out of low places, He’s the kind of man who never misses his wife’s call when he knows she needs to get something off her chest, or better, just a friend to be there for her. Speaking of chests, his is always there for his wife to lean on, squeeze, and find comfort in when it feels like only a hug will do.

3. Critical thinker

There isn’t a problem big or small that he isn’t itching to solve. He’s a quick, solid thinker, who hates to be backed into a corner. He doesn’t just see the problem in front of him; he sees a road-map of the many solutions available to him and takes his time as he determines the best way to get there, or the course of action he must take. He is patient because he has to be-rushing things is rarely the answer and he knows this. He’s diligent, focused and considers himself a mental Olympian of sorts.


4. The believer

When the world around him comes crumbling down and the sun seems as if it will never rise again, this man still believes-his faith is his foundation. It gets him through the good and the bad, and it never falters. He believes in the things unseen and those that many may give up on when the world turns cold: hope, morals, kindness and good will. He has a church home, or a religious main stray in his life and the fellowship refuels his engines. He’s God fearing (JESUS) and he’s pride of his strong beliefs. His moral compass is always turned in a positive direction, and he refuses to accept failure. He helps others and chooses to live his life in a way he believes others should live theirs.

5. The free spirit

Spending time with this man never gets old. He believes that life is about living and therefore is virtually immune to physical afflictions caused by stress and worry. It’s not that he doesn’t feel those emotions; he just refuses to let them consume him. He stays positive and seeks to enjoy all aspects of his life, as much as humanly as possible. He has most likely chosen a career he loves over the one that pays all the bills. Therefore he’s just as passionate about his work as he can be about feeding his cravings for new adventures. He enjoys travelling and most likely has a bucket list at least a quarter completed. He doesn’t believe in wasting time, worrying about what can’t happen and prefers to shift his focus to what can. With him, there’s never a dull moment at home, in the bedroom, or when you’re out and about. His inner light shines through and warms the spirits of those around him. He keeps life exciting-almost as if, each day he presses a refresh button.

Habits can be changed. We can defy the bad qualities we were brought up with and adapted the five qualities to make the family, society and the world a better place than we found it.