liesIt is widely known that success cannot be fought for. It only takes a right attitude, patience and consistency to achieve it. The first step towards success is having a vision. On the other hand, the lack of a vision is the first step towards failure.

Right. That said and done, sometimes we find ourselves with all the qualities mentioned for success above, but achieving the real success is just a day dream. Many factors might be contributing to this happening. Maybe you’re still in the process of patience at the time you need things to fly or maybe the vision is not just clear. However, on many occasions, lack of success results from lack of taking action after conceiving a vision, and planning about it. Many think that having a vision and then planning on how to achieve the vision is the end of the journey. To the contrary, this is the beginning of the journey.

In today’s post, I have compiled a list of common lies we tell ourselves that have kept us from success every time we launch a new vision or a new goal to achieve.

10 Lies We Tell Ourselves That Keep Us From Success

1. I Don’t Know

This is the leading lie that has frequently escorted many dreams and visions to their graveyards. In the twentieth century, it is a great shame to claim that you do not know any information concerning anything. The presence of Google and many other educative websites offer a ready stream of information on any topic. You want to make a rocket? Just Google it! You want to start a blog? Just Google it! Stop lying to yourself that you do not know.


2. I am Busy

This is another common lie we tell ourselves to offer excuses for failure to accomplish our visions. Remember time is created. Once you internalize this concept, you will curse your excuses right in their face!


3.  The Time is Not Right

So you are stuck waiting for the right time to start off our plans? Remember, time will never be opportune for you to start anything. Time is constant and life is unpredictable. The only moment under your control is “Now”. Grab the chances in your life now to make a positive change. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, it belongs to God. Don’t forget that life is a journey, and in life, the journey is the destination. Stop preparing for life , start living it. Pablo Picasso once said, “Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”

4. I have Done Enough

You feel that you have done enough and that you cannot venture to achieve any other additional thing? This is definitely a lie. As long as you can still breath, as long as your health is still in shape, you must break as many milestones as possible.

5. I am Tired

You feel exhausted and your mind supports you? This is a lie! You can never be tired to live. You can be never be tired to achieve more. Steer clear of those nude lies and get down to accomplish your dreams.

6.I Need a Mentor to Start

So lack of a mentor is the reason you haven’t ventured to achieve your dreams? This is another open lie. There are many people out there who are living your dreams. At the tap of a button on our sophisticated smart gadgets, we can easily get in touch with these people no matter the distance between us. Stop justifying your lies!

7. I don’t Have Money

So you are seated, waiting for enough money to start that business? You’ll never have enough money- that is a guarantee. Ask Warren Buffet, the second richest person in the world. He still works for money. Stop looking for what you do not have and start concentrating on what you have to achieve incredible success. Remember that with your head, you already have everything at you disposal.

8.Others Are Better Than Me

Comparing yourself to others is another lie we tell ourselves. This lie has screwed many and it will continue screwing unless you suppress it from your mind. Everybody is better and efficient in their own right. Stop comparing yourself to others because you were created an original and it will be shameful to die a photocopy.

9. I Don’t Know Where to Start

This lie is common among many people including intellectuals. So you think you are confused and totally clueless of where to start? How could that happen with a brainy human like you? It is totally a joke! Just begin somewhere and remember that life is a circle, there is no definite place to begin.

10. I am Not Good Enough

You keep telling yourself that you’re not good enough? That you are bound to fail? That you’ll never succeed? This is a lie pal! God created you to rule and subdue the universe. Get of your feet and take the steering wheel of your life. Remember you are the driver and the manual is your head. If you do not take charge of your life, no one will.

What other lies do we tell ourselves that keep us from success? Please share with me in the comment box below.