14%2B-%2B1_3Here 2014 rolls away like the evening sun. In less that ten hours, 2015 will have successfully taken over power from 2014.
Human beings are organisms of habit . A new year means new resolutions. But hold on first ;
your 2014 resolutions never came to pass and you feel discouraged to set out any new year plans…Right?
Here is a quick fix to successful goal setting in 2015…
1. Set SMART goals
You wanted to buy that new Corolla …or start your own company …but life got in between you and your goals. 2015 demands that you set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound goals. Remember you cannot walk before learning how crawl.

2. Accountability Partner
They say birds of the same feather flock together. Look for an accountability partner whom you posses a similar vision and mission. Share with them your written goals and have them monitor you. Having an accountability partner raises your commitment and responsibility towards achieving your goals.
3. A Price to Pay
Punish yourself should you fail to hit your target. You failed to save the amount of money you agreed to save at the end of every month? Go without lunch for a week! That’s the only way to discipline your personality.
4. Start Small grow daily
You’ve planned to start your fitness program? Go ahead, but start small and grow steadily. You cannot run for 10 kilometers on the first debut of your fitness plan. It’ll just discourage you. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.
5.Don’t Give Up
You can forget everything else but not this one.
Let patience guide you. Cheap is expensive. There is no elevator to success, you must use the staircase.
6. Count Your Blessing
Along the way, discouragement pops in courtesy of the devil. Do not fret. Celebrate your achievements and thank God for the failures. Not everything is perfect but God. Do what you can and leave to God what you can’t. Happy 2015.